The most underrated workforce, if we choose to recognize it, is the one best positioned to stimulate America’s future economic growth.

Refugee Workforce was born out of the experience of launching a staffing company serving resettled refugees in Clarkston, GA. Author, Chris Chancey and his family moved to the fringe of Clarkston, known as the most diverse city in America, in 2013 and started a business, Amplio Recruiting, to connect refugees with open positions in the Atlanta job market a year later. For the past 5 years, Amplio has grown steadily now operating in Houston, Dallas, and Raleigh in addition to Atlanta while helping over 4000 refugees gain access to full time employment. Observing the interaction between the companies Amplio serves and the dependable refugee community, helped Chris begin to recognize the tremendous economic value generated from resettled refugees. They were not a charity case as often portrayed in the media and they were not terrorists with ill intentions as some may wish to believe. They represent a workforce of people with a strong motivation to work, add value to a local company, pay taxes and provide for their families. The most underrated workforce, if we choose to recognize it, is the one best positioned to stimulate America’s future economic growth.

About the authors

Chris Chancey

Chris Chancey is the founder and CEO of Amplio Recruiting, a staffing agency helping American companies hire refugees who have legally been resettled in the US from all over the world. With a background in business and international development, Chris has started multiple companies with an intention to leverage business to solve the world’s biggest problems. He earned his Masters degree in Business Stewardship from Denver Theological Seminary while serving as the general manager of a Chick-fil-A restaurant with $2.6M in annual sales from 2010-2012. The food service industry combined with the strong integrity of Chick-fil-A helped shaped Chris’ drive to use business as a force to make the world a better place.

Chris also spent 5 years in fundraising for HOPE International, a global nonprofit focused on addressing both physical and spiritual poverty through microfinance. His role gave him the opportunity to learn from redemptive business leaders and entrepreneurs both in the US and in the developing world. The broad network he cultivated in the international business community led him to publish the first edition of Bible on Business, a 31-day faith & work devotional, which at last count has reached over 25,000 readers.

Chris has enthusiastically engaged thousands at events like Q Commons, a platform for cultural leaders having a positive impact in society, and Lions Den and Praxis Labs, impact investment events across the US in which social impact investors are connecting with the most redemptive business solutions facing the global economy. The general topic Chris focuses on in these settings are refugee resettlement, assimilation and the importance of dignity achieved through work as well as labor shortage solutions for the US economy. Chris has written or been featured in publications or web sites like — and participated in interviews for —. Chris is currently participating in the filming of a Netflix Documentary on refugee resettlement in the US as well as leading the launch of a podcast highlighting the role legal immigrants play in the US economy.
Chris along with his wife and son reside in Clarkston, GA, a refugee resettlement community dubbed “the most diverse square mile in the world” by CNN.

Chris has also written for or been featured in publications or websites like NPR, Inc.com, Fast Company, Univision, Monster.com, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Christianity Today and The Institute for Faith, Work and Economics. Chris is the author and editor for Bible on Business, a faith & work devotional with readership of over 25,000. He is also the author of a children’s book entitled, Cloudy Happy Day about how a child with an optimistic outlook impacts the world around them.

Speaking yearly at several large social entrepreneurship conferences (reaching audiences of 5,000 people), ten to fifteen churches and universities across the country, Chris’ speaking engagements provide him a platform for reaching individuals interested in seeking solutions the refugee crisis.

As one of the up-and-coming young leaders within the social business movement, Chris has also reached a radio and online audience (via various interviews) of over 100,000 people annually.

Katie Gibson

Katie Gibson is a creative writer, author, speaker, and mom of three. As marketing coordinator for Amplio, she tells the stories of refugees and the companies who hire them, and shares deep insights into the resettlement process. With twelve years of experience in the non-profit sector, she believes in the power of story to move individuals to positive action. Katie’s passions include her family, coffee, and raising her voice for the marginalized.

Amplio Recruiting is a multi-city staffing agency connecting companies with the dependable refugee workforce. Amplio Recruiting has a growing platform for social enterprise and positive business impact. As the first and only certified B Corp staffing agency, Amplio stands as an example to other firms in their industry and in the social enterprise movement overall. Amplio is also a member of the exclusive Tent Partnership for Refugees with members such as Google, Hilton, Microsoft and Starbucks.